Current press quotes "VOTE FOR VEIN"

PresseUnless you have another CD by Vein, I reckon you're unlikely to have anything else in your collection that's quite like this...It grooves, it's rubato, it's subtle, it's fun, it's ruminative, it's exultant; above all, it's constantly surprising. It's a treat.
- London Jazz News 4.2014

Presse...And they sounded like extraordinary ones; playing with an intense and intricate togetherness few bands can match....In the end, it would be a waste to vote for Vein, or Osby; they’re much too talented musically to run the government.
- Jazz Wise Magazine 4.2014

PresseThe Album “VOTE for VEIN” opens with a track that is solid, bizarre, feisty and has a frenetic sense humour – so practically standard for VEIN…“Appearance and Speech” is one of the most exciting, dense and entertaining pieces of contemporary jazz literature. You will want to hear it over and over again…The belter “No We Can’t – Vote for Us Anyway!” is the ideal theme tune to the end of a sensually humorous, almost theatrical set. Piano trio jazz doesn’t get more surprising and unconventional than this – Vote for Vein!
– Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Fidelity Magazin 1.2014

PresseVEIN are driving tradition forward with great curiosity, a passion for anything different, highest improvisational finesse and superb interplay. Their government participation would be more than welcome.
- Tobias Böcker, Jazz Zeitung 11.2013

PresseThis set captures the core group's inspired fusion of traditional jazz-trio methods and wittily deconstructivist impulses...a focused and dynamically creative set.
- The Guardian, 17.4.2014

Presse…this magnificent trio is innovative without turning its back on various traditional influences. VEIN leads us to a jazzy future that is beguiling, harmonious, imaginative and rich. Their style, programme and musical quality is so appealing that last year they played eleven countries on three continents last year. So without hesitation: VOTE for VEIN!
– Entreprises Magazine, 12.2013

NEW CD "VEIN feat. Dave Liebman - JAZZ TALKS"

VEIN - Jazz Talks Michael Arbenz, piano / Thomas Lähns, bass / Florian Arbenz, drums

All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern), Negative Space (Dave Liebman), Small Talk 1 (Thomas Lähns/Dave Liebman), Stories Of A Century (Michael Arbenz), Black Tortoise (Michael Arbenz), Jammin' In The Childrenscorner (Florian Arbenz), Small Talk 2 (Michael Arbenz/Dave Liebman), Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma), Clear Light (Michael Arbenz), Waking With A Start (Michael Arbenz), Small Talk 3 (Florian Arbenz/Dave Liebman, April In Paris (Vernon Duke/arr. Dave Liebman), You And The Night And The Music (Arthur Schwartz) - UNIT Records UTR4556

Video "VEIN feat. Dave Liebman - JAZZ TALKS" on Youtube | Listen and order

"Alive And Undead"

Video by Caspar-Jan Hogerzeil & Benjamin Schiffner, 2013

VEIN with new agency for Scandinavia

VEIN works now with Jesper P. Graugaard, Booking Agent for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
PG Special Agent at Soundcloud
PG at Twitter

Videos featuring artwork of Stephan Spicher

Cooperating with artist Stephan Spicher from Basel, VEIN has launched 4 new videos:
YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube
all videos: Philippe Ohl,

CD feat. Dave Liebman: "LEMURIA"

VEIN feat. D. Liebman - LEMURIA

Michael Arbenz, piano / Thomas Lähns, bass / Florian Arbenz, drums / Dave Liebman sax

In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck), Lemuria (M. Arbenz), I Loves You Porgy (G. Gershwin), Evolution (F. Arbenz), Climbing (F. Arbenz), Summertime (G. Gershwin)
UNIT Records UTR 4384

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